Super Ply

Super Ply was installed for the 2012 ‘Light in Winter’ festival, an annual event at Federation Square.

The brief called for the creation of a Light Shed to be used as a shelter for intimate public performances.

Our response was to craft an armature of illumination, composed from over a tonne of plywood and 1000 high intensity LEDs. Externally, the shelter flickered between transparency and solidity in reaction to where and how fast the viewer was moving. Used as a reading performance space during the solstice celebrations, the warm interior glow provided a cocoon away from the busy square and was warmly received by both the public and Federation Square alike.

Photographs 1,6,7 by Alistair Kennedy


Check out a video of the construction and installation of Super Ply on Vimeo 


‘Congratulations on your current installation at Fed Square.  The best by a country mile.’

Ruth Wilson, Director, architectus


‘Musk Architecture create an architectural visual masterpiece.’