Chelsea Smart-Block Development

The project is located in a coastal suburb and involves subdividing a 770m2 lot into 3 ‘smart-blocks’ and designing three bedroom townhouses  that target the inner-urban affordable housing  shortage.  Project feasibility is key to project realisation, two lot subdivisions rarely stack up, and this makes us happy because we like density.

Philosophically supportive of infill development that reduces pressure on the urban growth boundary, we responded to the challenge of increasing density in a conventional quarter acre suburb, by promoting the use of compact housing.

Questioning the traditional on site open space requirement, we believe that widespread implementation of smart block housing will promote a greater use of nearby community space and parkland, and in turn facilitate the community bonds that underpin residents’ pride of homeplace.

This strategy provides solid environmental solutions that utilise the established infrastructure, increase affordability and unquestionably reduce urban sprawl.